Single Stock Futures on SGX Fees


产品组 费用
印度 单一股票期货 on SGX 1 bps
SGX 单一股票期货 1 bps


产品组 费用
印度 单一股票期货 on SGX 0.50 bps
SGX 单一股票期货 0.50 bps


  • Commissions apply to all order types.
  • VAT, also referred to as consumption tax, goods and services tax, where applicable, will be separately applied for eligible services.
  • Modified orders will be treated as the cancellation and replacement of an existing order with a new order. On certain exchanges, this may have the effect of subjecting modified orders to commission minimums as if they were new orders. For example, if an order for 200 contracts is submitted and 100 contracts execute, then you modify the order and another 100 contracts execute, a commission minimum would be applied to both 100 contract orders. Orders that persist overnight will be considered a new order for the purposes of determining order minimums.