Physical Deliveryof COMEX Precious Metal Futures

Physical Delivery of
COMEX Precious Metal Futures

Interactive Brokers offers trading on various COMEX precious metal futures and eligible clients can take physical delivery of COMEX silver or gold futures.

Physical delivery is in the form of a registered warrant or automated certificate of exchange (ACE) for each full size or E-micro futures contract. Please refer to the COMEX Rulebook for additional information regarding the details of what a warrant represents for that symbol.

Symbol Description Platforms Additional Info
GC Gold NYMEX, QBALGO COMEX Rulebook - Chapter 113
Gold Futures
MGC Micro Gold NYMEX COMEX Rulebook - Chapter 120
Micro Gold Futures
SI Silver NYMEX, QBALGO COMEX Rulebook - Chapter 112
Silver Futures
SIL Micro Silver NYMEX COMEX Rulebook - Chapter 121
Micro Silver Futures
Efficient pricing gold in small quantities

CME Delivery Plus

The CME Deliveries department administers all aspects of the process of physical delivery of silver and gold. The cost of taking delivery of a warrant is a function of settlement price (as assigned by COMEX) multiplied by weight multiplied by finesses, plus any storage costs.

Visit the CME website for current information about the delivery process, delivery periods, delivery terms and other topics.

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