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Find Your Needle in the Haystack

With IBKR's new MultiSort screener, you can easily find stocks that best match your strategies across a universe of over 70,000 stocks worldwide.

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MultiSort Screener

Quickly Find the Stocks That Best Match
the Blend of Your Chosen Factors.

Factor Blending

Unlike traditional screeners, the IBKR MultiSort screener blends your chosen factors into a single score. You can view a ranked list of the securities that best match all your chosen factors.

Unrivaled Market Access

Access trading opportunities across more than 150 global markets, including more than 70,000 stocks worldwide.

Blazing Speed

Experience the speed of the newly engineered IBKR Desktop platform, built from the ground up with an eye on performance.


Your Results.
Ranked by Best Match.

You choose up to 10 factors. For each factor, you simply indicate whether you are looking for high values or low values. MultiSort will combine your factors across thousands of securities and deliver your personalized, ranked search list within seconds.

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IBKR provides the MultiSort tool for informational purposes only. It is factual in nature and not intended as a recommendation that you buy or sell any securities or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell securities. Rather, it is a tool that scores and ranks securities based on your preferences according to a formula developed by IBKR that weighs criteria determined by you. Scoring information helps rank securities based on your preferences and is not intended to have any correlation into investment performance. For more information on MultiSort and how securities are scored and ranked, please review our White Paper.