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Trader's Journal

Trader's Journal is a convenient note-taking feature that lets you record and save trading notes and ideas on any product in TWS. Notes on an asset are displayed on any tool that lists the product, and are saved and will be available the next time you log in to TWS. In addition to text notes, you can also capture screen shots of various open tools in TWS including charts, and save them as part of your note. Assets that have a note associated with them display a notepaper icon next to them. Hold your mouse over the note icon to read the note. To edit the note, use the right-click menu and select Show Notes.

You can also open the full journal view from the New Window drop down to view and manage all notes.

To add a note on an asset

1.  Right-click an asset and select Add New Note.

2.  Trader's Journal notepads opens with the editor window. Type your note in the editor.

You can modify the look of the text in the editor, add a hyperlink to the text and include a snapshot of a chart or other open window.

To edit an existing note

1.  Right-click the note icon on an asset and select Show Notes. Or, hold your mouse over the note until you see the note text, then click the note. You'll see all notes for the selected asset.

2.  Double-click a note to open the editor.

3.  Edit the note and click Done when finished. Add or delete notes, or close the note.

To manage all notes

1.  From the New Window drop down, select Trader's Journal from the Information System section.

2.  Manage notes by:


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