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Watch a short video to see how to link windows by color!

Create TWS Color Grouping

Assign tools and tiles to a "color group" to link instrument selection actions. You assign a window to a group using the colored links on the top right of a window's title bar. All windows with the same color link are part of the same group. When you change focus on one of the group's "Source" windows, all destination windows in the group reflect the change.

A window can be part of only one group at a time, but if you open multiple windows you can link each to a different color group. For example, you could open three different Option Chain windows and assign a different group to each, and then link these windows to three separate quote pages.

The window's designation is displayed in a mouse-over tooltip when you hover over the Group icon. A window can be a:

Source - this is a controlling window and can only SEND instructions.

Destination - this is a receiving window, and can only RECEIVE instructions from a window with Source privileges.

Source/Destination - this is a multi-tasking window which can both SEND instructions to and RECEIVE instructions from other windows in the group.

Create a linked color group

  1. Click the "chain link" icon in the top right of a window's title bar and select a colored number from the dropdown list.
  2. For windows that you want to include in this group, select the same group number/color from the Group list.

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