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Write Options

Advisors can use the Write Options tool to quickly see all of their sub-account’s long and short positions and to write options orders against their uncovered stock.

Open the Write Options tool

Advisors will see the Select Account dropdown that lists all of their Account Groups and individual sub-accounts.

To use the Write Options tool

  1. Select an Account Group, an individual sub-account, a Model or All accounts.
  2. Describe the options to buy and sell:
  3. Confirm or modify any conditions on the options and click Refresh to update the list of options to write.
  4. The Review Options to Write list includes any positions for the account(s) you selected, the quantity of the position that is uncovered (has no options written against it) and the options that meet the criteria specified. Note that all options are selected by default. Click a check box to deselect the option for any account.
  5. Click the pencil icon next to the option to open the Option Chains and select a different option to buy or sell.
  6. Review or change the Order Type and price information and click Create Orders.
  7. Orders will display in the Orders panel; click Transmit All to submit, or submit one order at a time using the Transmit button in the Status field.