Important Disclosures

As an investment advisor to your clients, you are solely responsible for determining your clients' risk profile and the suitability of investments you select for them. That is why we leave it up to you to select the risk questions that your clients will answer, the risk scores associated with each answer option, and the underlying formula used to calculate your clients' risk scores. The availability of the IBKR Client Risk Profile tool does not relieve you of your suitability obligations and does in no way transfer or delegate that responsibility to the Interactive Brokers Group or any of its affiliates. By making this tool available, the Interactive Brokers Group is not providing you with legal or compliance advice. This tool is provided as an informational and educational tool and as a courtesy for advisors using our platform.

You should consider any additional information your clients provide outside of this tool in determining your clients' risk profile. You may also want to periodically refresh your clients' risk profile using this tool and/or other methods.

You should consider consulting with your legal counsel or compliance consultant to determine whether the list of questions (and related scoring logic) you select and use is sufficiently comprehensive, clear, and properly phrased so as to adhere to the specific suitability standards imposed on you by your regulator.