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 The Account Window

The Account window lets you monitor every aspect of your account activity. We present "key" account values as the default when you first open the Account window (this default view is shown in the illustration below). The account window conveys in real-time the funds you have available for additional trades and current margin projections.

To open the Account window


The Account screen is divided into the following sections. Please note the scroll bar to the right of the window.

Advisors and other multi-client account holders will see a drop-down selection on the Account and Summary tabs to select either an individual account or an account group.

On the Account page, elect to display account information for All accounts, any individual account including the Master, or a user-defined Account Group, which includes a subset of accounts (in the image below, Advisor Tour is a user-defined account group).


On the Summary page, choose to view the account summary for Models, Groups or ALL.

Advisors can also print the summary page by selecting Print Summary from the File menu.

Important Disclosures