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Edit Beta Values

You can modify the calculated beta values for any contract using the Manual Beta Editor, or by clicking directly into the beta field for any stock position.

Note:  There can only be one beta value per contract/reference index across all portfolios. This means that if you modify the beta value for contract XYZ in a portfolio that uses the default S&P 500 index as the reference index, the beta value for XYZ in any other portfolio that uses this reference index will also change.

Edit Beta Using the Manual Beta Editor

1.  From the Edit menu select Edit Beta Values.

2.  In the Manual Beta Editor, add an underlying in the current Reference Contract section by clicking NEW. The calculated beta value is displayed.

3.  Click in the Manual Beta field and enter the desired beta value. Hit Enter.

4.  If desired, click the "+" sign to add a new section for other reference contracts (you might do this if you had multiple portfolios that each used a different reference contract).

5.  Click Apply to apply the value to the report and leave the Editor open. Click OK to apply and close.

Change Beta Directly in Report

Click in the beta field to enter your own beta value. Right-click in the edited beta field (identified with red text) and select Remove Manual Beta to reset the value to the calculated beta.

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