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Watch a short video on how to create a Watchlist!


Watchlists help you track performance at a glance, and are synched automatically across all of your trading platforms. Colored tick dots indicate up/down values. Use the right-click menu from any symbol to access trading and analytical tools, and to edit the Watchlist.

To add instruments to a Watchlist

To create a new Watchlist

1.  Click "+" in the top right corner and select Watchlist.

2.  At the bottom of the Browse Lists page, select New Watchlist.

Watchlists created in Client Portal, IBKR Mobile and TWS are all saved to the Cloud and available for display across all platforms. Once you include an available Watchlist in your platform, its contents are synced automatically across all platforms.

To add a "synced" Watchlist created in another trading platform

1.  Click "+" in the top right corner and select Watchlist.

2.  Select a Watchlist from the Available section.

3.  Review the Watchlist contents, then click Add to add it to your Watchlist window.

To open a Watchlist in Classic

1.  From the Trading Tools menu select Watchlist to open a standalone Monitor window with one tab.

2.  To change the tab name, right-click the Watchlist tab and select Rename Watchlist. By default Watchlists are named Watchlist1, Watchlist2 etc.

3.  Follow instructions above the add instruments and add more Watchlist tabs.

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