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Strategy Builder

Use the Strategy Builder section of the Option Chains to quickly build complex, multi-leg strategies directly from the option chain display.

Regardless of the method you use to create a strategy, you can modify legs, parameters or complete strategies easily from within the Strategy Builder, and then trade the strategy, and/or add it to a Watchlist.

To open Strategy Builder

To use Spread Templates

1.  From the Option Chain "blade" (to the right of the symbol), click Calls and Puts, then select a Spread Template (Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal).

2.  Within the grid interface, use scroll bars to compare spreads. Tiles cleanly display the expiration and strike, bid and ask, delta, and gamma so you can compare spreads on price, spread width, and risk/return at a glance.

3.  Click a tile to load the selected spread into the Strategy Builder.

To manually create a strategy leg-by-leg

  1. Toggle the Strategy Builder on if it's not already enabled.
  2. Add legs to the Strategy Builder from the CALLS (to the left of the strike) or PUTS (to the right of the strike). Click a bid price to create a SELL leg or an ask price to create a BUY leg.

To create a named strategy

1.  Use the "Strategies" pick list on the right side of the Strategy Builder to select a named complex strategy.

2.  Hold your mouse cursor over the first leg. All potential legs of the strategy are highlighted.

3.  Click a bid price to make the first leg a SELL leg, or an ask price to make the first leg a BUY leg. The rest of the strategy automatically populates the Strategy Builder.

Once your strategy is complete, use the Order Entry panel to set order parameters, and click the Submit button to transmit the order.

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