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Color Grouping Windows

Assign windows to a "group" to link ticker actions. Add a window to a group by selecting a colored chain link from the group drop down list at the top of all eligible windows.

All windows with the same color are part of the same group. When you change the ticker on one of the group's "Source" windows, all destination windows in the group reflect the change.

Any window that can be part of a group will display the chain link icons. A window can be part of only one group at a time. When you log out all groups are saved, but If you close a window, its group affiliation is erased.

Windows that allow grouping fall into one of three categories:

Source - this is a controlling window and can only SEND instructions.

Destination - this is a receiving window, and can only RECEIVE instructions from a window with Source privileges.

Source/Destination - this is a multi-tasking window which can both SEND instructions to and RECEIVE instructions from other windows in the group.