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Custom Layouts

Use the Layout Library to quickly create a custom workspace layout. Simply peruse the Layout Library and select a layout, for example "Option Trading" or "Futures Spreads." Add it to your platform with a single click, and easily toggle between layouts by clicking the tab along the bottom of the TWS frame.

To use the Layout Library

1.  Click the Add Tab "+" icon at the end of the tabset along the bottom of the frame.

2.  Select "Layout Library."

3.  Browse layouts and click Details to find out more about any layout.

4.  Click Add Layout to create the layout. It will appear as a new, named tab along the bottom of TWS.

Use the layout as-is, or unlock and edit it to make it your own. You can add, remove and re-size tools, and use windows linking to link tools within the layout. Modify background and font colors, included fields and the order of fields on most windows.

Add as many layouts as you need. Alternatively, create a layout from scratch by selecting "Create a New Custom Layout" instead of "Open the Layout Library."

To find out more see the TWS Layout Library feature page.

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