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Create an Order

There are many ways to create an order in TWS. This topic shows you how to create and transmit an order directly from a ticker line in the Quote Monitor.



To create and transmit an order from the Quote Monitor

  1. Click the Ask or Bid in a market data line to create an order line directly below the selected ticker.
  2. On the Order line, modify the order parameters including Time in Force, Action, Quantity, Price, Order Type, or Destination, if needed.
  3. Note: To trade more efficiently by using default values, create order Preset strategies using the Order Presets in Global Configuration.

  4. To transmit your order, click “Transmit” (or “T” if you have reduced the size of the Transmit field).

Show Orders

By default, a working order will display on any page that has the ticker. You can modify where you want working orders to display using the Page settings.



  1. Right click a tabbed title and select Settings.

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