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 Create an Order with Share Allocations

Use pre-defined Account Groups or Allocation Profiles to allocate order shares.

To create an order with share allocations

  1. Click the "Ask" or "Bid" price on a market data line to create an order.
  2. Use the Allocation field drop down list to select an Account Group, Account Profile, a single account or All* accounts.
  1. For the Account Group, modify the allocation method if necessary. If you choose the PctChange method, enter a positive or negative value in the Percentage field. All other automatic allocation methods are calculated using the order size.
  2. If you use an Allocation Profile, select a group name.
  3. To allocate all shares to one account, select a single account.
  4. Click OK to complete the order.
  5. Click Transmit to send the order.

* The option to select "All" accounts is hidden if the number of accounts in an IBroker family is greater than 50 (unless the IBroker is enabled for allocations).

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