Institutions Application Instructions

Print this page as a checklist for opening an account.

  1. Complete the Institutions Application
    You will be asked to establish a username and password at the beginning of the process so that all the information you enter will remain secure. At the end of the process you will print the application, sign it and send it to IB Account Processing. We are sometimes required to receive additional paper documents which should be forwarded to the addresses listed under Contact Us/Document Submission Information on the IB website.
  2. Fund Your Account
    You can fund your account by sending a cheque (with your deposit instruction form, application or account number written on the cheque) or wire (call or visit your bank to initiate) to IB, or initiate an Indian Assets Transfer as specified in the deposit instructions. If we do not receive your funds in 45 days from approval the account will be closed.
  3. Application review
    We will review your application for approval once your entire application has been completed. Your application is complete once there are no outstanding application tasks within Finish Application, located in the Login drop-down list in the upper right corner of the IB homepage. Sometimes after you have completed the application we require additional steps. You will be notified by email and within Login/Complete Application if this is the case.
  4. Application Review Results
    You will be notified by email and within Login/Complete Application of the results of our application review. Applications will be processed within 36 business day hours of the receipt of the application under normal business conditions.
  5. Trade
    If we have received your funds, you may begin to trade. Funds received by 16:00 ET are available for trading the next business day under normal business circumstances. The latest status of your deposit or transfer may be found under Funds Status in Login/Account Management.
  6. Add Sub Accounts
    If you want to add sub accounts to segregate different traders, trading activity and risk, go to Login/Account Management.