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TWS Release Notes

IBot Continues to Learn!

IBot, our text interface to trading, now supports more trading commands to make him even more helpful. New areas of understanding include market scanners, option chains and Level II market data. Now IBot can help you with queries like “Show me today’s biggest gainers and losers on Nasdaq” or “Show option chain for aapl” or “level 2 depth for amzn.”

To use IBot, from the New Window dropdown in Mosaic select “IBot (Beta) – type to trade.” Enter a text query in the box at the bottom of IBot and hit Enter to send. IBot returns the results. In addition to understanding market scanner, option chain and Level II depth queries, IBot also responds to commands relating to quotes, charts, trades, orders, close position, account and help. Type “demo” into the query field to see a brief interactive overview of IBot’s abilities.

To find out more, see the IBot Feature in Focus page.

New Portfolio Time Value Column

We've added a new column for options positions called " Portfolio Time Value: Calculated as (time value * position), this value shows option positions that have a premium in excess of the intrinsic value. Generally, the longer the time to expiration the greater the time value. Add this column from the "Option" category of columns.

To add a column, hold your cursor over an existing column and select "Insert Column."

"Contract" Renamed "Financial Instrument"

We've renamed the TWS "Contract" column to "Financial Instrument" to more accurately reflect the potential contents of this field, which may include not only options and futures contracts, but also stocks, forex and other financial instruments.