TWS Version 958 - Release Notes

Instrument-Specific Daily P&L Calculation

A new P&L time zone setting, Use instrument-specific reset time, resets the daily P&L on a per-instrument basis in accordance with the time zone in which the instrument trades. Using instrument-specific reset times helps to ensure that the P&L calculation is consistent across all instruments, regardless of their region and time zone.

For instruments that open and close on the same day, the P&L is reset five minutes before midnight of the instrument's time zone. For instruments that trade across two days (through midnight), the P&L is reset five minutes before it opens for trading in the instrument's time zone.

This feature is enabled by default. To disable it, open Global Configuration from the Mosaic File menu, and on the General page de-select Use instrument-specific reset time in the P&L Time Zone section.

Sentiment Score for News Articles

In our TWS news headlines, we have now combined the Sentiment and Confidence ranking data from Alexandria Contextual Text Analyticsâ„¢ Engine (ACTAâ„¢) into a single column called Rank. The column uses color along with a number to indicate a positive or negative sentiment.

Green indicates a positive ranking and can have a value between 0 and 1. Red indicates a negative ranking with a value between -1 and 0. Gradations of ranking indicate the degree of confidence in the sentiment. For example a positive ranking of 1 would indicate more confidence in the sentiment than a positive ranking of 0.65. If the Rank field is empty, the article has not been ranked, and a notation of "n/a" indicates neither positive nor negative sentiment.

Additionally, many headlines now include the sentiment in the headline after the symbol, for example, "12:13 SS XYZ Positive - Company XYZ Price Target Raised to $120." Also, many articles have the sentiment appended to the end when you select a headline to open the full article.

To find out more about Alexandria Technology's proprietary ACTA methodology,visit their website. Sentiment ranking is shown in both desktop and mobile versions of TWS.

Quick Order Entry Panel Now in Option Tools

Last September in TWS release 953 we introduced a new version of the Mosaic Order Entry panel redesigned to speed up the price entry process by providing one-click Bid/Mid/Ask price entry. We have now added this efficient order entry feature to other tools, including the Strategy Builder, Probability Lab and Option Strategy Lab. Quickly modify the price of any asset or complex combination using this simple one-click price entry system.

Easy Order Entry

Daily P&L Time Zone Label

In 957 we introduced the ability to define a time zone for Daily P&L that could be different from your system time zone. For most products, we now calculate Daily P&L based on the price at the beginning of the day, which is midnight of the specified P&L time zone, instead of from the previous day's close. This calculation more accurately reflects changes in profit and loss, especially for products that trade semi-continuously, like Gold futures.

You can now see the P&L Time Zone in the Daily P&L display on your Portfolio page. Click the down arrow next to the time display to see a specifics of the P&L time zone, and to quickly access Global Configuration to make changes if needed. Additionally, mouse over the Daily P&L value for any position to see the "as of" details for right now and at the start of the day in your selected time zone.