IB TWS for Android Phone - Release Notes 2013

Version 6.9.486 - October 18, 2013

Support for Trade Bulletins

Trade Bulletins - Blinking notifications concerning exchange, trading and other issues are now supported in mobileTWS for Android phones.

Version 6.7.481 - September 20, 2013

Support for SSL, NSE, Translations and Users' Guide

New updates to the mobileTWS for Android phone include:

Support for trading on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) - Customers who have opened their accounts through IB India Pvt Ltd. can now trade stocks, options, futures and currency futures and options on the NSE using mobileTWS. Note that only India residents can trade stocks, currency futures and currency options. Both India residents and non-residents Indians (NRIs) can trade options and futures. To trade on the NSE you must use SSL security. The SSL checkbox is available on the login window.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - A new checkbox, Use SSL, has been added to the account login screen for mobileTWS for Android phones. This security feature is available in all regions that support this protocol. Checking Use SSL ensures that all information passed to and from your mobileTWS session is protected. Note that enabling this functionality may slightly impact performance depending on the capabilities of your mobile device. SSL is required before you can trade on the NSE.

Translations - The mobileTWS for Android phone application has been translated into eight languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, French Spanish and German. Select the language from the login window.

User Guide Help - The mobileTWS users' guide is now accessible from the mobileTWS for Android phone Help menu.

Version 6.6.454 - June 25, 2013

Chart Indicators and Portfolio News

We've added chart indicators, including Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average and Bollinger Bands. To add a chart study, open chart configuration using the wrench icon, and click the Chart line to choose and configure a chart study.

In addition, Portfolio News offerings have been enhanced with ticker-related Contract news, which displays on the Contract Details page below the orders.

Version 6.5.444 - May 23, 2013

Portfolio News

A new item has been added to the main menu. Portfolio News will open to display the latest news headlines relating to contracts in your portfolio. Tap a headline to read the full story; press and hold headline to see a list of companies mentioned in the article with the ability to open Contract Details for each company. Scroll down to see the full 50 available news items, and tap Load More… to load the next 50 entries.

Version 6.3.414 - March 5, 2013

Attached Orders

Attached orders including bracket, stop loss and profit takers orders are now supported on mobileTWS for Android phones. To use attached orders, from the order ticket use the "Attach Order" selector and choose the order type.

Version 5.0.393 - February 20, 2013

Mobile Trading Assistant

The Mobile Trading Assistant comprises a group of notifications that are controlled separately and that pro actively notify you when user-specified market, account, positions and order execution thresholds are crossed. Notifications occur in real time, and can be sent via email or text. Notifications include:

  • Market notifications - Sends a notification if the daily change percent exceeds the bounds you define for a specific instrument. Threshold boundaries can be set between -5% and 5%. i.e. “SPX up 2.5% (1,470.50)”
  • Account notifications - Receive an alert when the margin cushion or Daily P&L exceeds the user-specified boundary. i.e. “Margin Cushion Below 5%”
  • Position notifications - Sends an alert if the percent change of any of your positions exceeds the user-specified boundaries. i.e. “AAPL: Long 200 position up 3% (650.37)”
  • Trade notifications - Sends an alert when an order fills, i.e. “SOLD 500 AAPL @ 650.37”

To activate the Mobile Trading Assistant notifications, from the Main Menu select Mobile Trading Assistant, and use the sliders on each category to enable or disable the notification. Specify the boundary limits as needed.